Tuesday, November 9, 2021

How to Replace Roof Shingles When Damaged

There are basically two ways for how to replace roof shingles. The first is doing it yourself by following ideas from home improvement write for us blog and the second is to hire a roofing contractor.

Since a lot of people wont or cant get up on their roof the best way of how to replace roof shingles is to contact several local roofing contractors and getting bids from them for the replacement work. If you get at least three bids you can see what each is going to charge and you get to choose which one fits your needs best. That is how to replace roof shingles if you let someone else do it for you.

If you plan to replace roof shingles by yourself you will need to have some things on hand. What you will need is a ladder that will reach safely to the roof. The ladder should also be very sturdy because it is going to support your weight and it has to be sturdy enough to hold you in place for a while.

Next you really should not do it by yourself. Get someone to assist you. This is very important especially if you ladder blows over whilst you are up on the roof.

You will need some replacement shingles. This time you are replacing those basic three tab asphalt shingles so have a few on hand and in hand when you are up on the roof. Try to obtain these asphalt shingles in a similar color to what you currently are replacing. It does look better.

You will also need a small pry bar or use the nail pulling tab part of a hammer. You will be pulling nails out of the damaged shingle and perhaps on the one above it.

Bring some roofing cement up the ladder with you or in your pocket so you can spread some of it on the replacement shingle and also on any other shingles near by that you lifted when you replaced the bad shingle.

You may also want to put some cement on the nail heads that you replaced so it wont leak in the roof around them.

You will also need some roofing nails so you can replace the nails you took out.

Basically you carefully remove the damaged asphalt shingle by pulling out the nails. Then you slide a cemented replacement shingle up under the one above it. Thats how to replace roof shingles. Be careful and remember it's almost always better to call a professional.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Adding More Space With Couch Tables

Often known as sofa tables, couch tables come in very handy, though few homeowner's think of them in their overall decorating scheme.

Designed to be taller than end tables and certainly the coffee table, couch tables can serve a couple of useful purposes in your living space. Traditionally, it has been used behind a sofa that is out in the open as opposed to against the wall. It is placed along the back of the sofa and is usually about two-thirds its length.

Here, you can add photos, knickknacks, a large spray of flowers in a vase, a lovely sculptural work; really anything that deserves to get a little attention.

That's all well and good if you want to have display space, but what if you want a little more functionality in your room?

This is where couch tables can really shine, literally. You can use them in place of floor lamps to add more light to the sofa. Many tables can easily hold two lamps along with a centerpiece. Or if you want something a little more romantic, you can add a candelabra or two or lovely tapered candles on heirloom candlesticks. These are perfect for setting the stage for an evening of romance. Just add your favorite romantic movie and you never even have to worry about dimming the lights.

Of course, these tables can be used in other ways. While a lot of homeowners believe that shoving the sofa or sectional against the wall will make the room is true, that's not really true. Savvy interior designers will tell you that that will actually define the space visually, creating a barrier to openness and making the room look smaller instead.

One way to combat this is to add couch tables behind your loveseats, sofas and sectionals. This will pull them away from the way while still giving you some much-needed real estate to put lighting or to hold your bowl of popcorn during that romantic movie you couldn't wait to see.

That is one of the beautiful things about these tables. Because they are taller, they offer you easy access to anything you use regularly while on the sofa, from remotes for the electronics to books, munchies or memories.

If you're a scrapbooker, couch tables are the perfect place to showcase your favorite scrapbook. Leave it open on the table so visitors know that it's O.K. to look through. The same is true if you have a highly collectible book or enjoy passages from The Bible. You can place these on the table too, inviting visitors and family members to investigate further. If you really want to peak their curiosity, place an ornate magnifying glass on the book. This not only serves as a visual cue that the book is for enjoying, but can aid those who forgot their glasses at home who can't resist looking at your creation, purchase or object of faith.

When shopping for tables for the sofa, you want to consider two main things. First is the scale. As noted, if you have a couch that is eight feet long, you will probably want the table to be about five feet. You don't want it to span the entire length of the sofa. It will start to look like it belongs to the sofa, instead of complementing it. 

You also don't want it too short. Second, you want to pay attention to the height. A sofa table needs to be tall enough to make it easy to reach things on it but it should never reach the top of the sofa back at its lowest point. It should ideally be three to six inches lower.

Couch tables can be a wonderful addition to your living room or great room, or any room that has a sofa in it. It not only adds depth and beauty, but flexibility as well.

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Wine Decor - a Touch of Elegance for Your Home

With so many different styles of decor available, there is one that really stands out when it comes to total elegance for your home - wine decor. I know, you're thinking "what a strange type of home decor", but you will understand shortly.

This style of home decorating is known to some as French or Vive La France. Some of the items used in this type of decorating are vintage look still life pictures, wine racks, and wrought iron accent pieces. Also widely used in this style are grapevine borders, pictures and anything associated with wine! Many people search for these items online, but use grapes and wine to associate with the decor rather than French.

Some of the exquisite items used as wall decor in this style are wine bottle pictures and shadowboxes. These are very beautiful with their deep, rich burgundy and blue hues and weathered wood finish frames. These hues seem to create a great feeling of warmth and relaxation. There are also gorgeous clocks available that coordinate with the wall art.

Another item used in wine decor are the decorative wall plates. These are absolutely breath-taking, with porcelain plates accented with colorful grapes and greenery, the whole display hung by a metal grapevine hanger. If you want to add a distinct touch to your dining room or kitchen, these beautiful plate displays will definitely do it!

To add more elegance to wine decor, wrought iron is the perfect touch. You can find countertop grapevine bars, scrollwork wine racks, and even an elaborate wall hutch the size of a bakers rack that holds over 20 bottles of wine. Made of wrought iron, it's graceful lines and lush detailing captivate the eye. The pride of any wine connoisseur!

As you can see, there are many ways to use this type of decor to make your home unique and inviting. The rich, vivid colors and worn look will add elegance and style to your room. Look through some magazines and home decor books and you just might find this decor one you would like to consider for yourself. Vive La France!

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